Thursday, January 8, 2009

ATF Edition

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1507. An Honor Box or English Tavern Tobacco Box from the mid 1800's, it could have been found in a bar where a patron would insert a coin and push the button to open the lid and, on his honor, take out just enough tobacco to fill his pipe.

Larger image
This box was priced at $1200.

The underside of the coin slot:

The lever that opens the box:

1508. A wine bottle opener, the needle was pushed through the cork and air was then pumped into the bottle to open it.

1509. A railcar mover, the end was placed under the wheel of the car and then the handle was pushed down to create the leverage to move it.

1510. A ham holder for use when carving, a modern version can be seen here.

1511. A speedloader for quickly loading a revolver, patent number 1,971,526:

1512. An auger bit depth gauge, for use when drilling a hole to a specific depth:



1438. The owner of these tools has found out what they're for, they are O-Ring Picks, used to remove various sizes and shapes of O-rings.

109. Several years ago I posted a Yoshimoto cube:

If you haven't yet seen how this cube can be manipulated, it's worth taking a look at this short video:

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